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17 July 2006 @ 08:51 pm
For my beloved Jackie~ :D  
Oh em gee, my unfailing love for shyunpo has actually produced writing of fanfiction?!

Jesus Kino, you gotta understand I love you lots to tame my tiny attention span and sit in front of the computer to write fics that AREN'T about zombies and smut! 8DD!

Pairing: Lisa/Hiyori
Rating: PG-13 at max, and I BLAME PIX OF PR0N!
Summary: Hiyori scowled, to say the weather was hot would be the biggest fucking understatement of the year. And she had previously slipped a snide remark minutes before on the stupidity of Shinji, so that was obviously saying something.

AN: Heres my little encouragement gift to shyunpo (who totally fucking deserves it :o), I have no catchy title for it whatsoever except "ZOMG TEH BABY OF MA LUV 4 U KINO-CHAN~" but I do hope that will suffice! :D.


Prompt: Heat.

Hiyori scowled, to say the weather was hot would be the biggest fucking understatement of the year. And she had previously slipped a snide remark minutes before on the stupidity of Shinji, so that was obviously saying something.

Grunting, she plopped down on the musty floor of the warehouse and leaned her head on the cold metal wall, blowing a small puff of air as the cool surface touched her scalding forehead. Her pale blue eyes dazed over as she focused on the small patterns imprinted on to the wall, small frown still firmly in place.

“It should be danm criminal for it to be this fucking hot.”

She waited.


Turning her petite body around, she blew a strand of her golden hair and stared in to the cool occupied eyes of Lisa, and Hiyori found her frown slipping away.

“Oi Lisa”

Flipping a page of her newest book, dark coal eyes darted from the fresh new images of the magazine once more before blinking up to meet the curious blue ones boring in to the hardcover.

“…It’s amazing you can manage to read that kinda stuff in this shitty weather, you know?”

Lisa blinked.

“…Reading is suitable for all seasons of the year.”

Hiyori raised an eyebrow and continued to stare at the cover of the bright colored magazine in Lisa’s hands.

“Whatcha’ reading all the time anyways?”

She stared silently before a rare small amused smile bloomed on Lisa’s face. Adjusting her glasses, Lisa moved the book away from her face, slipping a thumb on the page she was reading and dropping her hand to her side.

“You really want to know?”

Immediately straightening her back and pausing at the sight of Lisa’s small smile, Hiyori’s eyes darted from the said book to the amused expression on her friends’ face, her curiosity steadily rising.

Did she really want to know?

…Tch, what a dumb question.

“Yeah, what the hell is in there that keeps you so danm interested all the time?”

Staring in to the curious eyes of Hiyori, she pondered her options and gave a small shrug, figuring the reaction might be worth the consequences. Besides, Hiyori was bound to learn these things sooner or later. No harm in it being sooner.

Walking over to the blonde haired girl sitting down against the wall with her limbs sprawled; Lisa extended her arm and waved the book in front of her damp freckled face.


Hiyori eyed the magazine suspiciously, but only for a split second before her curiosity hit its peak and she found her hands eagerly flipping it open.

Dear God.

The words spilled out of her mouth before her poor awestruck mind could comprehend it.

“What the fuck?!”

Biting down a small laugh, Lisa knelt down in front of Hiyori and watched the interesting expressions play out on her awestruck face.

“…the hell, is that even physically possible?!”

Rotating the magazine in all angles imaginable, alarmed blue eyes darted across the scans, desperately wondering how the hell anyone can even do that.

If that was her reaction to that scan, then Lisa certainly didn’t want to stick around when Hiyori flipped that page over.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Plucking the magazine smoothly out of Hiyori’s hands, Lisa stood up again, dusting her skirt with her free hand while she closed the magazine with the other.

“Hey! I wasn’t done with that!”

Scowling, Hiyori flew up; her arms reaching for the magazine and her mind still obviously stuck on the exclamation of surprise she had shouted only moments before.

“Well now you are.”

Folding her arms Lisa stared down Hiyori, her dark eyes drawing the fine line.

“…Tch. If it wasn’t for the danm heat, I’d prolly’ fight you for it…”

Raising her glasses up the bridge of her nose, her lips held the ghost of a smile.

“Of course you would.”

“I would, dammit!”

The two of them slipped in to a quiet silence as Lisa sat herself down next to Hiyori, leaning her back on the wall. Hiyori slunk down after her, and stared dumbly at the wall across them, her pout still etched on to her round face.

“…wait so, is that really physically possible..?”

Lisa broke in to another smile at all the fun little situation that one question opened up.

“…Maybe when you’re older.”

And this time it took a lot more effort then she thought it would to stop from laughing when Hiyori stared up at her with a confused expression on her face, blissfully naive and unaware of the implications.

2)Soi Fong/Yoruichi
Prompt: Heat.

Soi Fong never liked chocolate.

It was too sweet, small, and almost always stained her clothing. The small brown sweets always turned mushy when it was hot and the taste was much too strong for her liking.

Not that she had enough chances to eat chocolate to actually enjoy it.

But she figured she still wouldn’t like it even if she was given more chances to indulge in it.

Or that’s what she thought anyways.

Then again, Yoruichi does have that nasty habit of easily swaying her mind, even if it’s intent on doing something, or in some cases not doing something.

But when Yoruichi re-introduced her to chocolate, Soi Fong figured it wouldn’t be any different. It would be the same old chocolate, the same old powerful taste that was too strong for her liking, the same smell, the same texture, and the same things that made her loathe it.

Except it wasn’t.

Maybe it was the way the chocolate tasted on Yoruichi’s skin, a light mix of sweat, sun-kissed sun, and a taste unique only to the dark-skinned woman.

Or maybe it was the way she mewled whenever Soi-Fong licked or touched the right spots at the right time, leaving brown kisses down her body as the smear of chocolate left its trail.

Soi-Fong can’t quite put her finger on it.

But now she thinks that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give those chocolates another try.

3) Sei/Shimako
Prompt: Appreciation.

When Shimako passes down the hallways and makes her way to her classes, she always sees soeurs pass by with linked arms and wide smiles plastered on their merry faces. She is never jealous; after all it’s impossible to be jealous of something you’ve never experienced.

But she isn’t sore about it either.

In fact, as she sits herself down in her seat and tucks a lock of hazel hair behind her ear, she knows that’s hardly the case.

Shimako smiles because she knows that she is the only one in this world who can fully appreciate the way Satou Sei wears that dimple when her face breaks out in to a real smile, and she knows she’s one of the few privileged enough to know how warm her onee-samas body can be, and she is certain that she is also the only one that can do more then Sei would ever want, just be standing by her side.

But it’s not like these privileges and special things aren’t returned, no, of course not.

She doesn’t know if Sei is aware, but the only time her heart feels at unease is when the familiar weight of her rosary isn’t on her wrist, and whenever she hears a deep laugh filled with nothing but pure bliss and amusement she can’t help but hope it will be her onee-sama, even though Shimako knows by sound what her realreal laugh sounds like. Shimako doesn’t need things like constant physical touch or a forced smile to help her make it through, not from her onee-sama.

What she needs is that one glance Sei gives her, that fast look that conveys her worry and concern, so quick in fact that Shimako always has to try her best not to miss it.

But that’s all, and sometimes when Sei feels particularly kind, she’ll get a pat on the shoulder, the touch of Sei’s smooth fingers and palm enough to lift the weight of the world from her shoulders.

Sei isn’t a very emotionally free person, although most people aren’t aware of it due to the fact that most of them think constant happiness always equals to being open. She knows it’s the opposite though; Shimako’s not blind, never blind to that look her onee-sama takes on during the Christmas season when she stares out the window after meetings with the Yamayurikai.

So she makes sure to take the small things Sei ever does for her in to great appreciation.

And as her classmates begin to file in and take their seats, Shimako can’t help but crack a small smile.

Because there is no doubt in her mind that Shimako feels she and Sei share the best relationship in the whole school.

4) Mai/Mikoto
Prompt: Appreciation.

Mikoto enjoys the simple things in life.

Anyone who knows the spiky haired girl well enough would be sure to tell you that.

While most men and women have millions of endless wants and desires, Mikoto can count most of them off with her two hands and ten fingers.

One of them is undoubtedly Mai’s food.
Although not many people know, Mikoto doesn’t love them only because there’s always the right amount of spice and flavor, nor is it because she can always get seconds (or thirds or even fourths for that matter.)

But she knows she loves Mai’s cooking because of Mai.

Because she thinks that Mai looks most beautiful when her face is locked in concentration when she’s cutting up the vegetables, or when that pleased content expression drifts over the redheads face when she takes a sip of the miso soup and the temperature, the taste, and everything is just right.

Mikoto think that she’s one of the few that actually love Mai’s food for these reasons though. She doesn’t mind.

Because she’s sure she has enough appreciation for Mai’s food to cover for just about everybody else anyways.

5) Shizuru/Natsuki
Prompt: Appreciation

Most people think Kuga Natsuki takes things for granted, always missing the small things people do for her with a frown on her face and a quick flash of that notorious attitude.

Then again, most people don’t know Kuga Natsuki very well.

In reality the stubborn girl is always taking the things people do for her in to consideration, no longer overcautious of their actions (or not as much she’d hope), but she can admit it wasn't always like that.

Her upbringing and past forced her to eye things critically, always wary and cautious of peoples hidden intentions and true motives, even at times when the only intentions behind their actions were pure.

That was before she met Shizuru.

When she first met Shizuru, she fit right in to her routine of quietly analyzing the situation and making sure there weren’t any hidden ploys or plans that’d lead to her misfortune.

But there was nothing behind those maple eyes except pure curiosity and good intent.

It confused her beyond anything at that time.

Why would this girl talk to me if she’d get nothing in return?

She must want something from me.

She was right on one case.

Fujino Shizuru had introduced herself because she did want something from her.

But at that moment, Natsuki was still mulling over the girls actions, puzzled at her kindness and friendly attitude, and slightly nervous at the words that left the brunettes lips.

Ch what a weirdo.

First impressions were critical to Natsuki; both because she was too lazy in most cases to really look into the personalities of others, and also because of her quick habit of judging people.

Shizuru was an exception to the rule. And now Natsuki can say that her friend has quite the habit of doing that.

It was only a matter of time before she found herself meeting the “weirdo” in hallways, classrooms, and even a few glimpses of her outside the academy.

As days, weeks, months, and soon even years passed, Shizuru had quietly and slowly made her way through all those layers, all those walls, that Natsuki had so diligently set up for herself, and she settled herself quite comfortably in the previously empty spot in her subconscious.

But even with their bond as close and comfortable as it was, it was also much too late when Natsuki realized that she Shizuru was more important to her then she ever thought. She had been oblivious to all the hints and clues and it had obviously left its mark as a result.

So she swore during that one time when she knelt with Shizuru under that godforsaken church, she swore as the wind blew hard against her face, her locks of blue hair and Shizuru’s own locks of brown blending together, she adamantly swore that she’d never take these things for granted ever again.

Kuga Natsuki may not be known so well for her kindness, or for her appreciative attitude, but she certainly knows how to keep a promise.

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Kamcia the Hot Chef: relaxnekocia on July 18th, 2006 05:51 am (UTC)
oh my, no ZOMBIES, nor pr0n :P

nice work, you should write more fics like that :)
ur friendly neighborhood eggroll vendor: Shiznatelwhyenen on July 18th, 2006 10:12 am (UTC)

lmao thanks though 8D, I dunno it takes alot more effort to write things that ARE NOT zombie crack pron. :(
Kamcia the Hot Chefnekocia on July 19th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)
I know, I have the same thing, it is so hard to write something not crack related :D
blahzer on July 18th, 2006 06:22 am (UTC)
ur friendly neighborhood eggroll vendor: Misc ; Insaneelwhyenen on July 18th, 2006 10:11 am (UTC)



Did you find any??? >_>
REKINO: Admiration ||shyunpo on July 18th, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
[First review; lisa/yori]

Erm. Comment:

I. love. you.

No. Really.

Honestly. You're the absolute love. ♥

For everything and for all things holy and sinful, you are just... perfectly. ♥ God. So much to say but so little time. Seriously. If I can tell you how much I love this in one word; itit 'd be just; love. Really. Gahhhhhh... everything was so just beautiful and came together so well. Everything was just perfect! ♥ Gods, great minds seriously think alike.

Alright, to the real review. *is really spazzing internally; just pretending to be cool and coherent right now >.>*

Utter, pure, unhidden.. just pure love. Seriously. I love how there're the subtle implications from Lisa that Hiyori is NOT picking up on and just how the heat... gah.. you captured Hiyoririn so well and you did such a FANTASTIC Lisa. You make me so proud. ♥ ;.; And oh, Hiyoririn you utter naive little snarky brat.. you make me love you so much.. just gah.. seriously... If I wasn't getting kicked off now and ausaukashksiksha if lj hadn;t eaten my comment. FIVE MORE COMMENTS TONIGHT FOR YA! *JUST HUGS AND DASHES AND GAH*

Ilu. ;.;
ur friendly neighborhood eggroll vendor: Shizuruelwhyenen on July 18th, 2006 06:58 pm (UTC)
Re: [First review; lisa/yori]

Seriously it was honestly worth it and I think I've got the better of the deal if these short drabbles/fics really gave you that much happiness. Totally worth it and more (in fact I'd definitely do it again for you some time, don't be too surprised when the time comes!)

Honestly though, SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED!!1 I love your writing so it was so hard for me to come up with a response to your set without foaming at the mouth and nonsense, BUT HAY I TRIED? 8DD.

You liked the Lisa/Yori?? It was my first swing on it and I swear I thought I messed up for good :P, BUT ZOMGGHAYYYYYYYY IF YOU'RE HAPPY ABOUT IT THEN WTH SO AM I.



miserythegothic on August 1st, 2007 10:17 am (UTC)
Hiyori's eyes are not blue, ye everyone thinks that.
ur friendly neighborhood eggroll vendorelwhyenen on August 1st, 2007 02:09 pm (UTC)
Re: ...
I wrote this long before the anime showed her, and no one knew what her true eye color was.